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    I'm pretty sure this nifty little item is available for purchase in all developed countries.

    This is a review on the Chi Air Flat Iron. If you have curly, wavy or generally unruly hair like I have, it can be hard to straighten out and keep it as styled. As a hairstylist, I tested many straighteners and there's never been another like this one. My mother bought this one as a gift for me, for my own personal use. Though I was thankful, I had the initial thought that this one was going to be the same as all the others.

    I was surprised when I tried this flat iron on my hair and it stayed straight throughout the whole day. It was silky, smooth and stylish. I instantly fell in love with this new hair tool, I coined it as my miracle hair helper. The best thing about this flat iron is that it has a small space between the plates. It still flattens your hair out, but it doesn't crush it and break it.

    My hair is colored frequently and the heat of a flat iron so often leaves me with broken ends. My hair literally looked like it hadn't grown in a year from the length when using other flat irons. A year after using this flat iron, my hair is about 7 inches longer than it was. My ends aren't fried and broken anymore. My hair is long, silky and beautiful.

    This flat iron goes for $100 and up, so you will pay a price for it, but it's so worth it if you like taking care of your hair. :)

    Here's the link to one of these on Amazon >>>

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    (Side note: This is not my listing and I'm not posting the link for promotional uses).
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