Cnc Turning Parts And Components

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    Over the 12 years, is always dedicated to manufacturing OEM China factory CNC turning parts, components, fittings, and accessories. The available materials can be selected for DAJIN CNC lathe parts including aluminum, copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, POM, ABS, Alloy and more. From simple shafts, probes, pins, connectors, fasteners, tube, pipe joint, nozzle, bushes, to complex geometries and custom-designed parts that applied in aerospace, aircraft, electronics and electrical device, medical and dental instrument, military and defense products, hunting and fishing industry and more fields, DAJIN can provide industry-leading straightness, surface finish to Ra1.6 and outside diameters within 0.0001” (2.5 µm) tolerance, the thru-feed grinding is also ideal for cylindrical parts with a large outside diameter (OD), offering critical optimizations such as burr-free flats and multiple diameters. The turning service and technologies involve Turning, Turning-milling, Hard turning, Hobbing, Deep hole drilling, Slotting, External and internal gear cutting, Threaded rods, etc.

    Buy CNC turning parts through DAJINPRECISION.COM is an effective solution to save your cost and time, to deliver premium quality products on-time.