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    I have been working on switching to digital books. We'd love to downsize our home to save money but there's so much STUFF to get rid of. One of those major things for us is books because both of us read a lot. I have only bought new books digitally for the last few years. It's cheaper than physical books by far. We still have a huge pile of physical books though that we bought before we made the switch. In order to move to somewhere smaller, we need to get rid of them or at least, pare down the pile significantly. I checked on Amazon looking for digital pricing and some were, surprisingly, only 99 cents. I was excited about that. Some though cost as much now years after publishing as they did when they were new. And some of them can't be found digitally at all.

    We found this website -

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    You mail them your book and they scan it for $1/hundred pages regular price or less than that if you buy a package. You have to pay shipping too but in the US, it still is cheaper for some books to do that than buy a new digital copy. They provide the scans on their website or on a DVD. Since the format is universal, that also saves me from needing to buy them again if for some reason we decide to switch from the kindles to some other type of digital book reader. They accept international shipments, though that might not be as cost effective. And they accept shipments directly from amazon too.