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    I used to love this book club. I would get 6 books for $1.00 each plus shipping and handling and only commitment is having to buy 2 more books at regular price. The last few months though, they have gone a little down hill as far as customer service. The books are still great and the prices are good, but the last book I ordered took 3 weeks for me to get and before that it took close to 5 weeks! Not acceptable. Not only that, but I send them an email asking about how much longer I have to fulfill my commitment and if I met that yet. I had bought several books from them but for one reason or another, they didn't count towards my fulfillment obligation. I never received a answer back. They used to be so good at responding to emails, but now nothing. I am really considering cancelling my account with them. I don't like there books that they on the automatic shipments, it's always the same thing, either quilting or crochet. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a difference in the company in the last few months.

    Yes, I understand the rules about buying the sale books, clearance books and so forth do not count towards the goal. I have had books take a long time to get to me before, but I always got an email from them saying that it was on back-order. But never got one from them the time it took 5 weeks. Also, when you buy a book, you get an email reciept that will also tell you that when it ships they will email you a tracking number but these last two orders, I never got that.