Did Working From Home Change Your Life ?

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    Working From Home

    I was 16 when I started making money online. Taking on gigs and collecting a bunch of random mini jobs. It was good and holding me up, until the business started slowing down. So I decided to join marketing companies, which I have to say it didn't last that long. Why? .. well because it took a whole bunch of promoting and depending on others just so you could see income. Some people are highly successful at getting referrals but I was better at managing them. I finally found a company where I could earn without worrying about promoting. I've been with them for 3 years so far and I have to say it changed my life. I have more free time and I could handle and maintain my bills without worrying about being low on money. My life is more relax and free knowing I don't have to wake up to go to work. I only manage my network 30 minutes a day just from being my own boss.
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    It changed my life a little bit. Over the years I managed to make some good pocket money and working from home inspired me to go on the path of entrepreneurship. I am currently a college student but I feel that even with my degree I might not get where I want to be in life. So, it's good to have a back up plan like working from home to fall back on.
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    I started to write online recently, so I can't think of this as something that is a work. I spend only a few hours online because I don't have more time at my hands.
    Writing comments online for small gigs didn't change my life too much because I only use it when I am free of other activities and obligations.
    If I were about to call it a job, I should be spending the same amount of the time on my computer as I spend on a regular 8-hour job.
    Then I could say it influences or changes my lifestyle, but not if I spend an hour or two doing it for the hobby.