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    Distraction-free writing software are basically like notepad but in full screen without (or with minimal) menus, buttons, or anything so that one can treat their screen as a sheet of paper of sorts and work in a distraction-free zone. It's especially nice at nighttime with a black screen to type on. There are many software types available but I've started to notice web-based equivalents emerging like this one.

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    Plus some examples of software here.

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    Personally, I am reluctant to use a web-based equivelent because I can never be 100% sure about privacy. No matter how convincing their privacy policy may sound, I'm still inputting text on their site and it autosaves. Not a problem for lists or whatnot but for creative works.. :\

    I guess the same could be said of actual software too, if the internet is connected any saved text could still reach the software creator's servers. What do you all think?
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    It is the same reason I do not use the word processing software provided by Google. I prefer to write using the traditional offline method then later on when I have checked and corrected the errors, then I can paste into the online editor. I just like it that way.
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