Do You Ever Buy Licenses For Shareware Software ?

Discussion in Software PC & Mac started by mbuzma • Jan 21, 2018.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    Do you ever buy licenses for shareware software ( definition : software that is available free of charge and often distributed informally for evaluation, after which a fee may be requested for continued use ) ?

    I only ever bought the license for FRAPS, since I couldn't find a decent alternative at the time. Otherwise, the only shareware apps I use regularly are WinRAR and Malwarebytes. WinRAR can still be used for free after the trial period expires, so I never felt the need to buy it ( and there are good alternatives like 7Zip anyway ). Malwarebytes is also good enough for me as a free app, since I don't need and don't want to pay for real-time protection.
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    Oct 3, 2016
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    Aside from the licensed OS of our home desktop, the only software license I had was for the Symantec anti virus. But I didn’t buy it because it was a gift from a friend. For downloaded software, I sometimes use the trial version but after that, I discard of it. No, I don’t have to intention to buy because for me, the internet is a free country to mean that there are freebies everywhere. You just have to look for it.
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