Do You Participate In Kroger Community Rewards?

Discussion in Charitable Causes started by steph7h • May 13, 2015.

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    Jan 21, 2015
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    I recently had to get a new Kroger Plus Card because my key chain card fell off at some point and I didn't notice it. So when I was logging in to my online Kroger account to update it with my new Plus card number, I noticed in the form section something called Community Rewards. This is a program Kroger has where you can designate a specific charity from a list on their website of those who have signed up for the program, and every time you use your Kroger Plus card, that charity gets a donation of some sort on Kroger's behalf. I can't find a lot of details about the percentage the charity receives or anything, but there were a lot charities listed for my state. I went through and picked one I was somewhat familiar with. I figure if it isn't going to cost me anything extra anyway, I might as well let someone get some extra benefit from my shopping.

    Has anyone else heard of this before and designated a charity?