DO you use Couchsurfing or BeWelcome to look for potential hosts?

Discussion in Travel started by Kek • Aug 17, 2014.

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    Aug 12, 2014
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    We've had some threads on this forum that focused on Couchsurfing as a way of cheap accommodation in the cities you visit during your travels, but I haven't seen anyone talk about BeWelcome. It's a similar service like Couchsurfing, almost identical. After the founder of Couchsurfing sold the website that use to be a non-profit organization, the new owners decided to start using it to get money. This, along with website issues and poor leadership angered many users of the famous hosting website. They decided to leave Couchsurfing and join BeWelcome, whose founders told them that they will always be a nonprofit organization.

    Do you use any of those websites? What do you think about the fall of Couchsurfing?