Do you use Goodreads? Want to write a poem?

Discussion in Books, eBooks & Audio Books started by H.C. Heartland • Dec 7, 2014.

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    Goodreads is a free website that people can use to publish some of their works online. You can also exchange reviews on books or other literature you have read with fellow members. One of the group chats I'm involved in has a poetry stream. I was thinking it might be kind of fun to start a thread here where we could each post a poem. It could be one we have written or one of our favorites. I will start by posting both:

    One I entered last April (I'm a novice so read with a grain of salt):
    Will the writer’s pen ever run dry?
    Can a story be told by and by?
    I wonder at the thoughts that every being has,
    And Marvel that they never empty of ideas glad.

    And this is one in part by my favorite poet, Ella Wheller Wilcox. Its called, Worthwhile:

    It is easy enough to be pleasant,
    When life flows by like a song,
    But the man worth while is one who will smile,
    When everything goes dead wrong.
    For the test of the heart is trouble,
    And it always comes with the years,
    And the smile that is worth the praises of earth
    Is the smile that shines through tears.
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    Goodreads has some really great book reviews. If it weren't for them [the book reviews] I probably wouldn't visit the site. It's also useful for finding books to read.

    For example if I'm searching for "best humor books" on Google and "Goodreads" appears on the SERPs, I'll click on it first. I'd never have heard of "Where The Red Fern Grows" had I not seen it recommended on Goodreads as a interesting book.

    As for poetry actually I didn't know I could find it on the site. I'll take a look.

    p.s Sorry I couldn't post a poem. I hardly ever read poems.