Does Anyone Else Get The Dark Grey Bar On Top Of Google When Javascript Is Turned Off?

Discussion in Software PC & Mac started by ohiotom76 • Nov 7, 2014.

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    A while back I noticed Google started looking like an older iteration of itself, with the dark grey bar across the top like they had a couple of years ago. I was also seeing this message to "click here if you are not automatically redirected" a lot right after I did a search on Google. It would only flash for a split second or so. Ultimately I discovered that it was due to some redirect malware/adware in one of my extensions, and removed the extension.

    Lately I've been noticing my computer running slowly again. I happened to disable javascript in Chrome for another reason, and discovered that dark grey bar started appearing on Google again whenever javascript is turned off. When I go to my search results page and look at the source code, I also see some markup mentioning "click here if you are not automatically redirected" too.

    What I am trying to figure out for certain is if this is normal for Google to look this way when you have javascript turned off. If any of you using Chrome wouldn't mind testing it by turning javascript off as well temporarily, and letting me know if you get the bar or not after doing a search on Google I would appreciate it.