Does Newegg Have Their Own Payment System?

Discussion in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets started by prettypal • Oct 7, 2017.


Where do you prefer to purchase gadgets and electronic items?

  1. Newegg

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  2. Amazon

  3. Other (Please mention)

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  1. prettypal

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    Aug 30, 2017
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    Like Amazon Pay, I wonder if have their own payment system. Amazon Pay allow their customers to add money to the payment system, like a savings account. If you can't afford to buy a product at the moment, you can buy it some time later by saving the required amount in Amazon Pay. This is very helpful in buying expensive graphic cards, computers and other electronic items.

    The advantage of Amazon Pay is that you can add money to your Amazon Pay account, but you cannot transfer it back to your bank account. I hope Newegg would have their own payment system soon just like Amazon Pay. Can't wait to buy their gadgets.
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