Drought Resistant Plants?

Discussion in Home & Garden started by Denis Hard • Jun 21, 2016.

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    Many gardeners who want their gardens to be green will use a lot of water by the end of the year on the plants. While there are other ways to save money on water one that lots of people think works best is planting drought resistant plants in your garden because unlike other plants they won't need a lot of water.

    The only downside of this is you'll have very little variety in your garden.

    Would you have only drought resistant plants in your garden [assuming you aren't interested in growing vegetables]?
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    Much as I would agree that the theory of switching water guzzling plants for drought tolerant ones - is for sure one of the best ways of conserving water in hot arid climates - its not something that works in all climates and particularly not in rainy or extremely humid areas - for the simple reason - that as drought tolerant plants require very little water to survive and because of that moisture is their worst enemy - they would very rapidly meet an untimely demise - in areas with regular rainfall or extremely high humidity.

    In fact while on the subject of water wise gardening - you usually can't go too far wrong - always choosing plants that are suited to the growing conditions, the environment and the climate in which they are going to live - especially as that is what is generally considered to be the best way of avoiding necessary water usage - simply because - plants grown in their natural environment will normally survive without needing copious amounts of additional water.

    As for me - yes as I live in an arid drought prone area with an extremely hot desert like climate - where rain is scare to say the least - this is something that I've been doing for decades.

    Which is why I would just say that - as I grow a HUGE variety of drought tolerant ornamental trees, shrubs and flowering plants - all of which are not only extremely low maintenance - as they thrive amazingly well with nothing more than the occasional bit of rain once a year - but as the majority are just as beautiful - if not more so - as many of their water guzzling counterparts and give an absolutely stunning display of color throughout the year too

    the chances of this happening

    is highly unlikely - particularly as its actually quite the opposite - as not only are there just as many drought tolerant plant varieties to choose from as there are of other plant varieties suited to all the other different climates and environments - but so many that you're literally spoilt for choice.