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Discussion in Fashion & Apparel started by Denis Hard • Jul 1, 2015.

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    If you have numerous "dry clean only" clothes then chances are you spend quite a bit of time each time you dropped the clothes at the cleaners. I just learned that anybody can learn to dry clean their clothes at home. It does sound easy on paper but since I've never tried it, I wouldn't say that it's as easy as they make it sound to be.

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    Try dry cleaning delicate linens and cottons, and clothing with intricate embroidery or other decorations. Dry cleaning instead of washing will make delicate items last longer and look new longer.

    Does anyone here have any experiences dry cleaning anything at home?
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    Apr 16, 2012
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    Interesting article! I have never dry cleaned that way at home though.

    However I have save loads of money by hand-washing my clothes and then hanging them outdoors to let them dry with the wind and sun.
  3. clairebeautiful

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    I've used Dryel plenty of times. Saved my wallet in college for all the formal gowns I re-wore to multiple functions in a year. It works like a charm. Even removed stains.

    Now I try to avoid buying Dry Clean Only items as far as I am able. In fact, the ONLY DCO items I have are formal dresses which I don't have many occasions to wear anymore. My husband, on the other hand, wears suits many days of the week to work, and though his shirts are machine washable, it turns out it is cheaper and more efficient to get them cleaned and pressed at the Dry Cleaners than to wash and iron them himself.
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