Dry vs. Wet Cat Food

Discussion in Pets started by chiofthenorns • Sep 1, 2014.

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    I live with three cats who are all rescued. Two of them are females and one is male. They are all spayed and neutered, so I don't really have any problems about them unlike other cats who always go "in heat". The only problem I have, perhaps just like other cat parents, is choosing the right food and diet for them.

    Many people suggest raw feeding to provide the nutrients needed by cats. However, because I am working most of the time, I don't have some extra time to spare to prepare healthy raw diet for them. So, what I do is buy affordable kibbles from the local pet store. However, last month, my cat Chi almost died from renal failure. I was feeding them dry cat food then. The content includes: 35% protein and 10% moisture.

    I found out from my vet that because cats do not like water, giving them dry kibbles all the time is very dangerous to them. It leads to kidney problems which start from difficulty in urinating. Fortunately, my vet was able to retcon the effects of the disease. Now, my cats are all eating wet/canned food with 7% protein and 84% moisture. Note that the protein level is low because too much protein is bad for cats with kidney problems.

    If your cats are on the dry-food diet, make sure that they are always drinking water. Check also if they are urinating at least twice a day because less would mean that they urinary tract problems. Take them to the vet regularly as well, so that the doctor can check for distended bladder.

    Just a reminder from a cat lover! :)
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    I lost my trust in cat foods when my cat developed kidney stones when I fed him Whiskas, the dry one, for a year. So after that I did not feed him any commercial brand of cat food. I now just feed him table food and he is still alive and kicking after 9 years. If I will feed him cat food, then I will try feeding him the wet one in the future.