Dry Vs Wet Dog Food

Discussion in Pets started by Jason76 • Oct 17, 2016.

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    May 18, 2015
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    It seems like my dogs don't like dry dog food. Therefore, I usually buy wet or mix dry with wet. Do most dogs prefer a certain type? Also, as with wet food, you have cheaper and more expensive brands, so I'm wondering if I should shoot for more expensive.
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    Nov 2, 2016
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    My dogs didn't care much for dry food either, however, I did have some luck with Bil Jac Dry, my Chow-mix liked it, but my Chihuahua-mix only liked dry cat food! It wasn't good for him, I know...but every now and then I would allow him a little Fancy Feast dry cat food. He had really bad teeth and I think he liked that the dry cat food was so much smaller and easier to chew. Believe me, I tried to buy him small-sized kibble (dry dog food for small breeds), but he wanted nothing to do with it.

    As for wet dog food, both my dogs would eat Cesar dog food, the Porterhouse Steak one, or the Filet Mignon. But 90% of the time, I'll be honest, I just cooked for them. Like, people food...steak, ground beef, and chicken. I got them used to it right from the beginning, and then that's what they always expected. :D But I didn't mind, they were my babies and I always wanted the best for them. On nights when I just didn't feel like cooking though, that's when I'd go for the Bil Jac dry food and Cesar wet food.

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    Sep 7, 2016
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    My dogs get a mix of wet and dry food. I don't give them the same every time as I think they like a little bit of variety. There are certain human foods that they cannot eat but they can eat most human food. Also, as with humans and human food, I believe that dogs would prefer anything that costs more. Food which is more costly is of a better quality. I think that giving your dog some biscuits is good for their teeth, and wet food makes a nice change. But what makes for an even better change is a boiled up chicken with some rice cooked in the juices.
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