Early Warning 360° All-Band Laser & Radar Detector 91% off 4/8/2012

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    Stay alert with the Early Warning EW-5005 360° All-Band Laser/Radar Detector. The EW-5005 provides a distinct alert for each band and indicates the intensity of the band with an increased or decreased beeping tone and visual alert.

    Detects all currently-available X, K, Ka band and laser signals and is undetectable to law enforcements agents with its patented SPECTRE RDD I cloaking technology. With the EW-5005 you will always be aware of potential road hazards, such as emergency vehicles and railroad crossings, for a safer and more comfortable drive.


    Condition: NEW

    Packaging: Retail 

    Warranty: 1 Year

    Manufacturer: Early Warning

    Model: EW-5005

    Features Include:
    •Detects all currently-available X, K, Ka band and laser signal
    •High-resolution color LED display with 11 indicators with distinctive audio/video alerts for each bands
    •Instant On and Pulse radar detection
    •SPECTRE RDD I undetectable
    •Dimension (Width x Height x Length) 2.8 x 1.3 x 3.5"

    Package Includes:
    Early Warning 360° All-Band Laser/Radar Detector, Adhesive-Backed 2-Piece Hook-And-Loop Pad, Windshield Mount, DC Adapter, Spare Fuse

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