[US Only] Earn $150 for a survey

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    This is an invitation to qualify for a Dining Survey. The survey takes 30-40 minutes per day for 7 days, and you are paid $150 Visa prepaid card if you qualify and complete the survey. You have to be between 30-59 to qualify agewise for the survey. Click the link, and take the preliminary survey to see if you meet the demographics for the complete survey. There is no payment for the preliminary survey; you must be accepted into the full survey and complete it.
    This invitation was mailed to me, and I am just passing the offer along. I have nothing to do with the actual survey.

    30-59 yrs old:

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    Online project, Mon/July 28th thru Fri/Aug 1st. If selected, you would be expected to spend 30-40 minutes per day for 7 days completing the assignments, offering $150 Visa card. Click on the link to be considered, we will be contacting you back based on any available quotas.