Entertainment During Travel

Discussion in Travel started by blurinoctober • Jan 29, 2013.

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    Sep 5, 2014
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    I have always thought around these lines, as to what would be the prime source of entertainment for my family and I each time that we venture out to travel or head out onto an expedition. Yes, there is definitely a place for the use of portable electronics, such as the tablet and even the laptop, but we really believe in being able to get fully immersed into our destination of choice: getting to know the culture head-on, and engaging in the regular and most adventurous practices of the locals.
    I think that you can always get your hands on technology when you're at home, but when you choose to be on vacation, you should make sure that you're doing just that: acting as though you really are on your vacation!
    That means, putting a "pause" on the use of technology, which can often distract from our ability to fully enjoy the vacation experience, and just making a list of all the activities that require that we get to know the people, eat their food, and participate in their concerts, plays and even dance classes.
    It's really important for us to do a lot of research on "what's happening" in the area that we're going to visit, perhaps for the weekend, and how we can get the best rates to become part of it.
    When we decide to go on vacation, we get fully immersed!
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    Truly, anything can inspire and invoke entertainment, but that's up to the experiencer to be open minded of.

    Whenever I travel, if I have a working phone with me, I usually go online and browse through Reddit and some other informational sites. Otherwise, I bring a few books to read for the long travels on the road or plane flights. If I simply want to relax and chill back, I listen to music, internet shows, documentaries, interesting movies, or play some portable video games. If I'm traveling with friends or siblings, I usually strike up conversations that may last for hours one end. However, when I travel alone, I tend to be reserve and keep to myself, unless I find someone interesting to chit-chat with and interact with.