Expensive Cosmetics - Are They Worth It?

Discussion in Health & Beauty started by littlewitch66 • Oct 26, 2017.

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    In my opinion expensive cosmetic products are totally not worth it. Let me share a story:

    10 years ago I spent the whole summer in Florida working outdoors. I was young and stupid enough not to apply sunscreen to my face. I went there in May and by the middle of July I had developed wrinkles around my eyes due to excessive sun exposure which caused photo damage. I was in panic! Crow's feet at the age of 22! That was unacceptable! So I started looking for a good facial creme, designed to erase early signs of aging. On the Internet I read about this new "revolutionary" ingredient called Matrixyl 3000. I immediately started looking for a product that contains it and I found one - Your Best Face Correct worth $150. I bought it, what was I supposed to do, put up with the wrinkles?

    I applied this creme for 6 months and it only had an instant effect of tightening up the skin. No long term effects at all. Cosmetic companies pump their products will all kinds of stuff and this temporary tightening effect might have been a result of some other ingredient. I have heard of ingredients that tighten your skin right away, so that you say to yourself "OMG, it works!". It works, but it doesn't! I had absolutely no improvement with this expensive creme, so I threw it out.

    Only after a lot of research I found a product that works for wrinkles. It was priced very reasonably. I will make a new thread about it.
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    In my opinion, it depends on the brand. I have tried expensive brands that weren't worth it and cheap brands that you would have thought were expensive. I love IT Cosmetics and Laura Geller products though and think they are worth it even though they are on the more expensive end. I order them through b-glowing and love the convenience.
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