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    Believe me when I say that this company is perhaps the worst company to work with,and I urge you all to see for yourselves, the "management" has no manners, they do not know how to address people,they assume things, and they will spend hours arguing with you and insulting you, they argue over pointless matters! lol, I could not believe the response I got from one of the managers. You all, read this comment she sent to me, she said; "I have 55 writers making a living from Express Writers. They make hundreds weekly and deserve it. They don't feel they were lured in or any of the crap you mentioned. Sorry the truth hurts. Good luck going forward, trying to continue outsourcing your work and calling it your own."
    Now! let me break this down one step at a time, because this forum is about staff issues right? Okay, so firstly, is this anyway to speak to your writer? a person who has helped you earn money? When I applied for the job, all my work was genuine, and they accepted, yay me! when I was issued work to do, I did the work;albeit in a much different tone from the one I submitted as a part of the test process, in the end, the upshot was that the work I submitted was not of "quality" as the tone was too strict and so I was removed from the list of workers- and this is the response I get. This is the company that I refer to (

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    ), I can safely say, this company has issues and does not deserve to be running, they need to understand that customer care, and more importantly employee care is critical.
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    This sort of reply sounds so unprofessional that I have a hard time imagining anyone but a young brat coming up with something like "or any of the crap you mentioned. Sorry the truth hurts." They are obviously a young, bratty company who will not evolve, just be happy exploiting any hopeful new writer coming in.
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    Big shot Express Writers, huh? So sorry about what happened. Have they tried to reconcile with you by making editing suggestions and ideas how to rewrite the articles you submitted? I'm sure they are a team of professional editors, proofreaders and writers. Maybe, you both could have saved more paid valuable time if you have set a good example of a well-mannered professional, shaming her bad behavior.

    There are other reputable companies who know their place to gain your respect. Good luck!
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