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    So it was time to buy some new glasses. I'd had my previous pair for well over 5 years and they were riddled with scratches, dents, hair dye and broken ear pieces that were hanging on by just the metal wire inside of it... I had to do some digging on which eye glass company I could buy online from and still get a great deal with and came to the conclusion of using Eyebuydirect.com.

    My first impression was that this website will have frames that are just way out of my price range, the website looks classy and well put together. It was simple to navigate and with a few clicks I was even able to find out that their frames are extremely well-priced. I ended up buying the "Rock! Mike" pair, I'll link them at the end of my post.
    They have a huge variety of frames to choose from, and they are all pretty unique and wearable. The pair I bought are really sturdy and I'm very happy with them.

    I decided to click the option to buy my pair and cringed thinking of the cost to put prescription lenses in them.. usually this was a painstaking part for me. But in reality they had amazing deals for prescription lenses... They also included a nice package deal for anti-glare, transition and many other options.

    The frames eventually shipped out and I wondered when I would receive them. Luckily for me they arrived well before their expected delivery date, which was an amazing surprise. All in all it took about 2 weeks for them to be prepared and shipped to my mailbox, which was superb for me and I believe I will be a returning customer in the future.

    These are the frames I bought:

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