[Other] For South East Asians Only, Iflix Free 1 Year Membership

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    I notice most opportunities I share are for Britons and Americans. I noticed some members here are Asian so I decided to share this opportunity because I have a relative that works for this company.

    Iflix is Asia's answer to Netflix. This streaming site usually charges 2.95 US dollars to it's members. If you are a member you have unlimited access to movies and TV shows for a whole month.

    If you registered to Iflix they will give you a one month free trial but they have some interesting country specific promos.

    For Filipinos:
    Pldt subscribers who decided to upgrade their service to Telpad package or Fibr package will be reward a 12 month membership to Iflix. That is a whole year of legally streamed movies and TV shows.

    Smart, Sun and TM provides 1 month memberships to Iflix for their prepaid plans while they also offer 12 month membership to people with Unlimited plans.

    For Malaysians:

    Iflix offers 12 month free access to subscribers of the internet services of DST and TM.

    For Indonesians:

    Subscribers of PT. Telkom Indonesia Tbk are also offered 12 month free memberships.

    If you are from those Asian countries, You can have 12 month free subscription to their services if you subscribed to specific internet providers.
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