Free outdoor fitness circuits.

Discussion in Sports & Fitness started by Lostvalleyguy • May 4, 2014.

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    Feb 24, 2014
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    Back in the '70s several parks in my city built jogging tracks and fitness circuits along the way. While the jogging tracks maintained good usage, the fitness equipment never received much use. Many of these older wood and metal fitness devices still exist and look like sculptures in the forest as they are being reclaimed by mosses and other encroaching plants. While out for a ride the other day, I came upon a newly renovated fitness circuit complete with modern equipment. Now, if you are out for a jog, you can stop and work on your upper body or your abs at some of these stations. While they still did not look like they were getting a lot of use (it was a weekday), I could see this as being an enjoyable place to work out - in the woods with fresh air, blue sky, and birds chirping.

    Does your city provide free alternatives in its parks for getting a full workout? If so, have you ever taken advantage of these things?