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    I originally wanted to make one discussion for each deal but I decided to post all of them in one post.

    If you wanted to have 30 to 60 day trial for a cloud service, there is Citrix cloud. This is a great place to upload some files online so you can save some space on your PC or Smartphone hard disk.

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    Amazon Music usually charges 7 dollars a month for their music streaming services, You can get it for free for one month.

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    iTunes Music is offering a 3 month free trial for their music streaming services:

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    If you are a wrestling fan, this month is the right month to subscribe for the free trial of Wwe network because 2 Pay perview will be happening this month. The NXT Takeover Orlando and Wrestlemania. This free trial will give you access with 2 major Pay per views in month. No need for link since it is easy to google their website.