Free Video Editor Videoproc 1-month Vip And Christmas Gifts

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    Merry Xmass!

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    is being hold by video editor VideoProc for people to hunt Christmas gifts.

    There are 3 gifts in this event:
    • VideoProc 1-Month VIP Membership
    • VideoProc 60% Discount Coupon Code
    • Google Home Max Smart Speaker X1

    How to hunt gifts:
    You can follow the

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    to hunt the gift you want:)
    • The gifts are hidden in the Christmas socks of three guides mentioned on the campaign page.
    • Click the Christmas socks, you can get the gifts: VideoProc 1-Month VIP Membership and 60% discount coupon code immediately.
    • For Google Home Max Smart Speaker: we'll randomly pick 1 lucky winner from those who find the sock and enter valid contact before January 15, 2020.

    The event ends on January 15, 2020, remember to activate before January 14, 2020