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    Are y'all familiar with this phenomenon? Many places have specials on Fridays, called Freebie Friday. A few of my local television stations cover the subject, and it often includes free entry into events/sites, buy one get one deals, totally free items, and other such specials.

    Kroger has its own version, where you can go to the website, sign in, and click on Savings. Under Savings, you can load various coupons to your Kroger loyalty card, and each week, there is a specific item that you can load to your card that will be free, which is their designated Friday Freebie . The coupons and Freebie Friday deals usually stay on your card for up to a couple of weeks. Each coupon lists an expiration date. Last week, the deal was a free package of Meow Mix cat treats, and of course I uploaded that, and picked them up the other day while I was at the store.

    Another way to find out about Freebie Friday deals is to go to Twitter (you don't need to have a Twitter account to view the hashtagged posts) and check out the #FreebieFriday hashtag. You can click

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    to view the posts included in that hashtag, and if you look to the top left of the page, you'll see a place where related hashtags are listed, and you can click on those for additional freebie type posts.