Fresh Produce In The Sunday Market

Discussion in Food & Drink started by Corzhens • Jun 10, 2016.

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    Our favorite Sunday Market is very popular. In fact, the selling hours are only in the morning since they had already expected to sell all their products by that time. The lure of that Sunday Market is the freshness of the food products they sell, from fish and meat to fruits and vegetables. They also have exotic items like deer and wild boar meat, goat's milk, frog legs, fern as vegetable, etc.

    But there is a catch. The prices are much expensive than the ordinary wet market. Like a kilo of beef costs 335 pesos where in the regular market that same beef cut is sold for less than 300 (around $7). In fairness, their lobsters and crabs are superb that sometimes we go there just for the seafood. But come to think of it, if you want quality food then you have to pay more.
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    I like to go to Sunday markets sometimes to see the produce available but here it's more expensive to buy that produce too. Occasionally they might give away some produce if they need to have it all gone at the end of the morning's sale but often they don't do this and just throw it away if it doesn't sell which I don't think is right. It's better it feeds someone than goes in the bin.

    What adds to this not being so economical here is that they also charge you to go to the market in the first place. There are people at the entrance to the streets charging, and then if you take your car you're charged to park that too. It puts me off even more when the prices inside are high too.
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