A Derailed Train Wreck

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    Jan 18, 2019
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    i am writing to express my total dissatisfaction with Fresh Water Systems located in greenville sc.
    The customer service rep [Camia Brown] refused to give me her immediate supervisors name and number as well as the owners! I had to look up the principals on BBB.
    They are Mr. Steve Norvell, CEO and Miss Savannah L Norvell, Marketing Specialist! I have not heard back from them as well. They should be ashamed how their company conducts
    business! I have left numerous negative reviews online and continue to work blogs to reveal your companies short comings! i couldn't help but notice that the web is filled with negative reviews
    already for basically the same deficiencies? its a wonder that Fresh Water Systems is still in business with such disastrous service!

    Furthermore when i made this transaction on your website the checkout redirected me to a Paypal portal where i had to log on and authorize payment!
    it then redirected back to the website and on to my order form where it auto populated the fields with my name and shipping address etc!
    But in the phone number field it had populated my PayPal password? As you can imagine i was alarmed! But when the invoice came by email it
    had the correct phone number in the field? But then your company emails me saying its a fraudulent charge and your not shipping! I filed a
    claim [C19-00153] with the South Carolina State Attorney Consumer Protection department to investigate against your company for any illegal capturing of my data!
    In addition I also filed a claim with PayPal [PP-I=4020027 to investigate your company impropriety! was paid immediately and confirmed by PayPal receipt yet you refused to ship claiming fraud! i received no notice from PayPal or my bank as you claim and
    I expect to be refunded immediately !!! Not tomorrow, not in 5 days! Today Sir!