Gifts by Baby Names?

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    Have you ever purchased gifts for a future baby (whether your own or that of a friend/family member), based on the baby name that you or the parents have selected?

    The thought came to me the other day, that purchasing gifts that have the desired name of the baby would be very sentimental and meaningful...

    But on the other hand, I'm thinking that doing this could lead to a number of problems, especially when the gender of the baby that was "predicted", by some stretch of the imagination, turns out not to be the actual sex of the baby when he/she is born! What's more, the parents might even have a change of mind!

    So, in such instances, what do you do?!

    What would you do in a situation like this? I can't even imagine!

    baby name card.
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    With the medical technology today the prediction of a baby's sex is really pretty certain. But if the parents chose not to know the baby's sex but decided on names for both boy and girl I would wait until the baby is born before buying a gift or buy a gift that is not name specific that is for a boy or a girl such for a baby shower.
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    I would just wait to buy until after the baby is born if you are planning to get any gifts with the name on them. I think being wrong about the sex of the baby is extremely unlikely, but I think the parents changing their mind is far less unlikely and something that definitely does happen. Some cultures also think it's bad luck to buy gifts before the baby is born alive and healthy. I'd just wait until after the birth.
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