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    I bought my oldest daughter a 10.1 inch tablet for Christmas this year to replace her old crappy 7 inch tablet she had. The case was a notebook style with a built in keyboard. Any way I did not get her a keyboard for the new tablet because she never used it any way. She had seen commercials for the gogo pillow for tablets and said she wanted one for the 7 inch tablet she has and now. Well she does not know I got her a new 10.1 inch tablet for Christmas and I was thinking it would be cool to also get her the gogo pillow for tablets, but I am not sure how good they are. For example will it tightly hold the tablet in place? All tablets are a little different in width and thickness from brand to brand. I would hate to spend the 25 bucks to find that while cool in theory they actually suck. If it does not hold it tight in place and she picks up the pillow and drops it them breaks it that would be very crappy. Also how much of the screen would be covered by the little corners that are supposed to hold it in? So has any of you tried out one of these gogo pillows and have any recommendations or comments they could make on the pillow itself. Is it really as awesome as the commercials want to make you think it it. Okay thanks