Going To Las Vegas In 2 Days -help!

Discussion in Travel started by PunkinPie • May 13, 2015.

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    Mar 13, 2015
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    Hey everyone! My husband and I are going to Las Vegas for a quick mini vacation, just the two of us. I am excited to just go relax, gamble a tiny bit (I'm not a big gambler by nature, I like my money!) and hit the pool. If anyone on this forum is from the Las Vegas area or is a frequent Vegas visitor I would love some money saving tips on eating out and shopping.

    The hotel we are staying at is smaller but very swanky and the restaurants are very expensive. I looked up their menus online to see if they are worth eating at for the price and they are not at all. My husband loves seafood buffets so I would love some recommendations for a pocket friendly but really good Friday seafood buffet. Also any other must dine tips are so appreciated!

    I like to hit up some shopping while out of town and on vacation but I am not into high prices or brand names which Las Vegas is famous for. Funny thing is I really love to thrift store shop when in a different city. Any thrift store or discount store recommendations are appreciated!