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    Hi -
    I have tried a lot of software for reading e books. Some like FB Reader, Ebook Viewer are really versatile and let you read many types of formats of EBooks. But the drawback with them all is that you have to carry the device on which you are reading the book with you all the time so that you can continue reading the same book whilst you are mobile. So I was looking for a solution which lets me read the books and keeps them synced.

    Initially Kindle offered this option. It used to sync even books that you upload from your library. Now, it only syncs (Whishpersync) books that you have bought in the kindle library. Still it is a good option.

    Playbooks, on the other hand, is free (like Kindle and the options that I have mentioned above in the post). It allows you to upload books from your device (or PC) and the best part is it keeps the reading synced even if they are not bought from the play store. Since it is also available in the browser, I am not tied to any device. Once I have uploaded my library to playbooks, they are available every where and synced every where. The draw back is that only a few formats are accepted.

    Are there any other such apps that do this - because Playbooks has a limit of 1000 books and each has to be less than 100mb and they can be only EPub format. Suggestions are welcome.
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    Well, that limitation only applies to free users. You can pay a small amount in order to bump that storage up significantly. Also, Google Play Books does work with the PDF format, too, not just ePub. I prefer Play Books because I'm using a Nexus 5, which is basically a Google phone more so than any other device, except perhaps the Nexus 6. It's got enough features, like the syncing, and it doesn't run too heavy on any particular device.
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    It's good but not that good. There are a lot of things that need fixing. First of all, it has very little features. It takes too much time to download, the two column landscape mode can't be disabled and resizing font sizes takes forever. Also, I have experienced some "missing pages" wherein I have to restart my device in order to see them. There's also a lack of organization. Other eBook apps are better than this.

    On the bright side, at least it has a dictionary...