Google Play Store Or Alternatives ?

Discussion in Mobile Apps & Games started by mbuzma • Dec 13, 2017.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    Do you buy/download your android apps from Google Store exclusively, or do you also use/wouldn't mind using alternatives like Amazon Appstore, Handango and others ?

    Pretty much all android devices come with Google Play Store pre-installed. Google recommends and claims this is the safest android app store, and I believe even blocks the installation of apps from other sources by default ( they claim this is for security reasons, however it could just as well be that Google doesn't like competition very much ) however there were already a few security breaches where malicious apps were approved and uploaded to the store, and many users downloaded infected apps.
    On the other hand, alternative app-stores often offer cheaper apps, extras, discounts more often etc.

    Personally I use the Google Store, since I've bought/downloaded very few android apps to date I have no need for alternatives.