Grooming Costs For Cats

Discussion in Pets started by Tina122321 • Mar 22, 2016.

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    we have a long haired cat that we have to get shaved a couple times a year. He is not a good self groomer and if we don't get him shaved he gets mats everywhere that we can't get out. We tried shaving him ourselves with a pet safe electric razor, but it didn't work very well. It took forever, was messy, and didn't get enough off. It was also extremely choppy looking. So we gave up on trying to save money on it and we call the Aussie Pet Mobile to come to The House. they take him out to their truck and shave him. They do a great job and I love that I don't have to go anywhere to get it done. All I do is hand them the cat and then they bring him in when they are done. I pay them and they leave. They are also very nice. But I spend $90 on it twice a year. Which I think is expensive. What have you paid for cat grooming? Did you have to go someplace? Did they do a good job?
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    Cat grooming is usually more expensive than dog grooming, specially if your cat is long haired! Cats are more of a hassle to groom because they don't settle as dogs usually do, and also their fur is way finer, easier to get knots and way harder to groom. My cat costs 10 extra bucks to groom than my dog in the pet shop I take them to.
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