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Discussion in Misc & Others started by Corzhens • Jun 18, 2016.

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    This is a funny anecdote. My husband would always reprimand me whenever I would take advantage of sales in the mall. Last June 5, we were at the mall to buy an electric fan. We got what we wanted. On our way out of the appliances store, my husband noticed the RJ Guitar store of musical instruments. For that day, the store gives 20% discount from 10am to 12 noon, 30% and 40% later until 50% starting at 8pm until closing time of 10pm. My husband checked the guitars and there was one he liked. He looked at me and I said it was only 11 am so we headed for lunch and then went home.

    At around 6 pm, my husband reminded me of the sale. I agreed and we went back to the mall. To make the story short, he was able to buy the guitar of his choice at 50%. What a steal, I agree to that. But my husband couldn't look at me straight in the eye.
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    Why couldn't he look at you in the eye? I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a 50% discount right? How much was the original price of the guitar? But that is indeed a good bargain. I wonder if they would not be out of business if that's a long-time offer.
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    I guess the shoe was on the other foot and he felt quite bad about telling you to watch yourself around sales-but that was such a great deal at 50% off at a certain time of day. I would say that guitars at 50% discount, is the exception to the rule in this case as far as shopping for sales go(haha)-but yes, it was a great deal-and he did kind of feel bad about it, with his standard rule,as far as sales go.
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