Haier 7 inch television- perfect for those road trips or cases when you need a small TV

Discussion in Product Reviews started by cheesecake • Oct 2, 2012.

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    Jul 9, 2012
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    So this guy is a very small LCD television. It can use digital TV with the included antennae. You can also play video games on it as it has an A/V hookup. The screen is a little bit dark looking but you can adjust it with the settings. The antennae also does not get the best reception but you can get an additional antennae that works great. I have heard of others doing this, but mine seems to be okay so I haven't gotten another one. The battery life is pretty poor actually. I think you could probably get 1-2 hours on it fully charged. Thus, this device would not be super great in an emergency. It might be helpful if you kept it fully charged and the power just went out for a short time. I mainly use it for casual video game playing in my room. I also bring it on trips when another tv is needed to play games. In that sense, it serves its purpose just fine.

    Overall, this tv is decent but it is not amazing. It satisfies my needs just fine. If you can get it for a cheap price, it would be worth it.

    Small, portable, A/V cable hookup, remote control, can get channels right from the start, can hookup to cable.

    Not the best picture, sound quality, reception might not be good in all areas, bad battery life.
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    Aug 3, 2012
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    Great review. This seems to be a good choice for college kids, or for the garage. Really anyplace where you want a small tv. Thanks for the information.