Has Anyone Used Pet Armor Plus For Dogs?

Discussion in Pets started by MissLibby • Jun 21, 2016.

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    Jun 5, 2016
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    I put spot-on flea treatment on my dogs during the summer because we live in the country and the dogs are always outside. The last few years I've bought Advantage Plus and it worked really well. When I was at Walmart getting ready to purchase the Advantage Plus this year, there was a large sign in the store that was advertising Pet Armor Plus. It was comparing the two items and the ad claimed that the ingredients were the same etc..., but the Pet Armor Plus was less expensive. I took a chance (and saved 10 bucks) and purchased the Pet Armor Plus instead of the Advantage Plus. I've used it once and it seems to be working pretty good. I've noticed that one of the dogs is scratching a little bit now, but it's been almost a month and it's about time to apply another dose. I was wondering if others have used it on their dogs and how it has worked to control their fleas.