Has "Taken" (the First Part of the Liam Neeson Movie-Series) Ruined the Well-Wisher's Phrase 'Good L

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    SPOILER-ALERT! (i.e. Don't scroll down if you haven't seen Taken unless you want to 'ruin the surprise')

    Last night, I watched Taken---in which Liam Neeson plays a retired spy whose daughter is kidnapped by a girl-trafficing gang in Europe ('forcing him' to rescue her). In the movie, he is on the phone with her AS she gets kidnapped; & he

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    that he is a government-operative who WILL find his daughter, -save his daughter & -kill the kidnappers. The kidnapper responds, "Good luck."

    Well, when he finds the trafficers in France, he identifies the specific kidnapper by making him say 'good luck' ... I know it's no "Come with me if you want to live" or "I'll be back" (popular mantras of the TERMINATOR franchise), but could it help change the meaning of "good luck" from 'I hope things go well for you' to ... something sarcastic (more-sarcastic than it already means sometimes)?

    I guess I'm asking, "Is Taken popular enough to cement 'the bad meaning of "Good Luck"' into the mind of the general public?"
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    No I don't think it is that popular to change the meaning/use of "Good Luck." For the most part it is genuinely spoken to wish others well in their endeavors and not so much sarcastically. With that being said the kidnapper doesn't have anything on 'I'll be back." or "Come with me if you want to live."