Have You Ever Been So Broke You Were Afraid You Would Lose Everything?

Discussion in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions started by littlewitch66 • Dec 18, 2017.

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    May 4, 2017
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    This happened to me once. I took on custody of my granddaughter and had to give up my job suddenly. I had to get benefits from social services who gave me such small amounts I thought I would lose The House. It didn't come to that because my mum helped me out but it was close.

    Have you ever been afraid you would lose everything?
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    There is benefits.gov to help Americans get all kinds of benefits from SNAP or what was called foodstamps, LIHEAP for energy payment help, rental subsidy and more. There is all sorts of benefits for Veterans too at the site. These government programs will help you live safely and have food. Thrift stores like Savers has sales too and helps you save lots of money for non-food items. I needed a light jacket or a denim coat and Saver's had a 40% off on long sleeve clothes. I went and got myself a denim coat 4.80! So inexpensive. After washing it I used it right the next day for Oahu was having very chilly weather!
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