Have You Ever Dated Someone In Law Enforcement

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    I'm off my cougar kick for a moment and have met someone closer to my age. We met over drinks recently and he seems nice but a little reserved. When I shook off the alcohol from the night we met, I realized that he said he worked for one of the law agencies in my area.

    Now I know everybody needs a job but Los Angeles Police (where I live) is infamous for their corruption, abuse, and other crimes against citizens. He's with the sheriff's dept., which in my opinion, is worse than LAPD when it comes to approaching regular citizens.

    My other issue is that when I was sick, I watched a lot of TV -- too much if you ask me now. Anyway, programs like Snapped, Fatal Attraction and the ID Channel make me think several times about getting back in the dating scene. However, we did agree to see each other again.

    Speaking tactfully, it's been a long time but I also value my life when it comes to letting someone get too close. I'm not saying he's out to kill me (he could have spiked my drink when we first met) but he would have access to resources that could make an excellent cover-up, if he were deranged.

    Are there things to watch out for when dating a cop or other law enforcement agent?