Having your own instructor and not going to the gym?

Discussion in Sports & Fitness started by 003 • Dec 17, 2014.

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    If you want to do it alone, shaping your body, do you think you can do it right by yourself, with only relying on the internet for instructions? Like for example, the pushups, do you think if you are doing it, you are doing it right? I think it's important that we consult someone who does know the movements that we are doing how to do them properly like a professional coach or instructor. Because when we are doing it wrong, we are just putting ourselves at risk, like to injuries. Also, if we are doing them right, then we are able to maximize the benefits that they offer, only if we are doing them right, but what if we don't? So, I think it's necessary that there's someone we could consult to.
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    I think correct form in exercising is crucial, in order to prevent injury and to maximize benefit. To achieve correct form however, can be the product of many pathways. One of them, as you mentioned, is to find an instructor or trainer to keep an eye out on your training. This is not the only way though, as the internet provides a fantastic resource that is also free. If you have a friend that is experienced in the gym, then working out with them could be a great way of gaining knowledge and keeping safe. If not, then there are numerous videos and guides on the internet that have very simple steps to show you how to perform each exercise safely and effectively. These resources should be sufficient in learning the correct form for each exercise, without the need to spend money on a trainer. However, this is personal choice as some people find having a trainer to be more motivating as well.
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