Headphone Review: Sennheiser HD 202 Pro

Discussion in Product Reviews started by techbeast34 • Jan 27, 2013.

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    Nov 28, 2012
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    Price: ~$30 Retail

    Quality: The quality is very good for the price. Bass is very defined and not muffled, and the mids and highs are not too shabby. The build of the headphones themselves although is somewhat "plasticky" and feels like it will break if they are pulled apart too much. The wires are also very flimsy, which leaves me afraid that they might break.

    Features: The 202 HD Pros have some really good features that are pretty unique to it. One of them is that the ear cups are detachable, allowing for easy storage in a jacket, small handbag, or in a big pocket. The headphones also come with a small cable holder to wrap the extra cable.

    Comfort: The 202s are very comfortable, but after a bit of time, your ears may get a bit sweaty (depending on the weather). The ear cups also might become a bit moist if you are sweating a lot.

    Overall, the 202s are great budget headphones that would do as good replacements for expensive Bose or Beats headphones.