Help Fund The Hunger Fighting Food-truck - For The Community, By The Community (oklahoma)

Discussion in Charitable Causes started by mythman • Nov 10, 2015.

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    Made Possible By Us is a community-enrichment team in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. A little while ago--after using the hashtag "WhatIfOKC" to find some options--they decided on the

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    ---a 'food-truck' ("buying food from a truck" is quickly becoming 'all the rage' in Oklahoma City) that is supplied by contributors' donations---"After the truck launches, every dollar raised will provide five meals for chronically hungry children, hardworking families and seniors struggling with hunger."


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    -article on the project said they needed their donation-target by a Friday-deadline, but apparently the deadline is next Friday. That, or they're saying that they're not serving until after their $53,000-goal is reached (which may be an ongoing deal---whenever the goal is reached, they'll buy all the supplies needed to roll out & distribute free food until they give it all away and wait for the next several-thousand dollars we donate).


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    on this- or any

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