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    Do you know how much traditional doctors offices or even department stores that have the eye exam offices & sell glasses/frames increase their prices? A friend of mine years ago referred me to a website online (Zenni Optical) where you plug in your prescription and measurements and they have thousands of great frames to choose from for a fraction of the price. As long as you have your prescription and the measurement from the center of your pupil to the edge of your eye (ask your doctor and they will provide), I guarantee you can find something for about $20 online. There are multiple websites out there that offer frames & lenses at wholesale prices, you just have to search for them. This year I gave in and purchased at my local Target and spent a tad under $100 for the frames/lenses, and that was even a sale. I can guarantee you I will be going back to Zenni as I've never been displeased with what I've gotten. They even have models online where you pick the same shape of your face, and try them on to see what they look like. It matches up eyes, cheeks, hair color...

    Has anyone else tried this route and either been happy or unhappy? And why?
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    That's too much fuss over eyewear. I use a pair of glasses for utility and not necessarily for fashion. As long as my eyes are protected from the sun's rays or I can read a book without the blur then it doesn't matter if the eyewear isn't "high fashion." I'll take comfort in the fact that there's merit to wearing shades or reading glasses.
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