How do you save money on children's birthday gifts?

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    When your young child begins to make friends, they will undoubtedly begin to be invited to various birthday parties throughout the year -- sometimes a lot of them. Purchasing gifts for every single one of these parties can become a huge expense -- especially if you are on a limited household budget. What do you do to curb your spending? You don't want your child to not attend a party because of gift costs -- but you can't send them empty handed either. Any suggestions?
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    This is a great question and there are a few options I can think of depending on the age. If the children are small children your best option might be to check out what your local 99 cent store has to offer. You can put a few things together to make a pretty cool gift. The best things to get are coloring books for little children, trading cards for a little bit older or even dress up clothes like a tiara and a wand for a girl or a cowboy hat and star button for a boy. All kids like to color and dress up and pretend no matter what age they are. Another option is to have your child make there friend a homemade gift, like a card or a cool drawing, even color a picture and give it to them as a gift. If you have a picture of the child with your child you can frame it and give it to them. If you have $5.00 you can put the money in a card, if they are old enough they would be happy with that, every kid thinks $5 is a lot of money. Another option is to re gift, it might sound cheap but if you say this toy was so special to him, he wanted you to have it, that always seems to work.
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