How Do You Save Money On Kids Sports Gear?

Discussion in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff started by Denis Hard • Oct 10, 2014.

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    Every parent believes their child has the potential to be a great sports man or woman and they [the parents] must therefore from an early age, provide them [kids] with the right stuff that could help them "make it big" should they choose to take sports seriously. When the tot comes homes and says that they are interested in football or any other sports, how do you save money on the sports gear you'll buy them?
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    I would check out used sporting equipment either at stores like Play it Again. They offer gently used sporting equipment at less than half the price. Since kids grow so quickly the equipment is barely used for more than one season. I have many friends who have kids who play hockey and get their skates and hockey pants this way. Our hockey club offers a swap and save equipment exchange too. You can also look for end of season sales. Sports stores will try and get rid of the this year's models for skates to make way for the newest latest greatest skates, hockey sticks, cleats coming in for next season etc. My son plays baseball and I've noticed that bats are all on sale now at 50% off.
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