How Is Marriage More-Important than Being Licensed to Drive?

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    that marriage is more-&-more regarded as 'an interesting thing for two singles to do together' than 'a holy, sanctifying, `til-death-do-us-part union of partnership.'

    They make some truthful comments on 'how the usually-short celebrity-marriages have turned us off to the prospect of our own marriage,' but they go on to promote others' views that "you should get married BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE MARRIED TO THE PERSON YOU'RE MARRYING (not because 'you're supposed to be married' or 'conveniance of financial-security' or 'you have a child together' etc.)," and--while I agree that the bad reasons aren't good :rolleyes:--the "good" reason also misses the mark.

    (Well, I guess it's alright provided you don't believe that 'you- or they are on a mission-from-God.')

    BN also talked about the problem of people now focusing on establishing careers & homes BEFORE getting married, and I think that's where I have it backwards. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I'm not "an adult" until I'm a husband. I think (somewhere deep-down) that's why I went to school for longer-than-I-should've: because I expected to impress a girl with the skill I dedicate to my occupation, and she would latch on as a signal that it's time for me to 'make it abundant.'

    My problem: now I'm waiting for 'her' (any-her :eek:) to latch-on--like a driver waits until he's 16 to get the driver's licence--but (the way BN's sources report it) no-her is gonna latch-on before I'm a successful career-man!

    Maybe the DMV should make it so you have to be married before you're licensed to drive---and divorce revokes your driver's license FOREVER!

    Sound good?