How Many Churches Are on YOUR Spiritual Diet? Should You Have More (for Spiritual Balance)?

Discussion in Sports & Fitness started by mythman • Jul 23, 2014.

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    Eight or eleven for me. I'm talking 'over the course of my life so-far (33 years).'

    And yes, it's mostly convenience that decides the number & frequency & selection.

    The first 3-to-5 were 'with my parents'---a church in the town where I was born (where I live now :rolleyes:), most-likely a church at the couple of OTHER Oklahoma-towns I lived in, then a church-or-two back here in Oklahoma City before we decided to go back to

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    (where my mom's family goes & where we probably went the first year of my life).

    My dad's parents went to a Baptist church, so I participated in some of that church's youth-programs.

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    was originally a Methodist Men's school. That was ages before I started going there, but I managed to float into the Wesleyan Methodist Church nearby as I went to college. I also joined-in the starting of a 'church-plant' (or is it a 'plant-church'?), where I met the people who introduced me to a 'Sabbatarian' church named Gospel Celebration Fellowship (

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    As my broken-up parents separated even more when my dad was dis-Barred and he moved to some far-away place, I lost my bearings and had to drop out of college. The churches didn't exactly 'help me out' there, but they were always there for me when I was stable enough to go to them.

    After a bit of stability with GCF (& sometimes SCB, when I visit my mom), my apartment-complex renovated 'out of my set-income price-range,' so I moved to where I am now (Warr Acres/Bethany, two suburbs of Oklahoma City ... yes, mine is that fat :p) and I joined a couple more churches---

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    For balance, I think you should have four. One for your introductory foundation, which you visit to go back to the good-ol` days (my SCB); one you currently go to that is part of a huge denomination (which I could do with SCB, but do with BFC instead ... convenience); one for 'roughage' (that kinda scrapes off the old dogma to make sure they're still in line with the original Word ... my GC); and one for 'your personal mission' (which I'm looking for at GCF in their prisoner-rehabilitation ministry).
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