How much more would I spend with a cat?

Discussion in Pets started by isabbbela • Jun 10, 2014.

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    Oct 10, 2013
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    I already own a dog and really want to adopt a cat from a shelter. I know getting a cat to be with a dog is not very orthodox, but I really wanted a cat to begin with, and I feel like dogs are more expensive to own, so having 2 dogs would be a bit too much for my budget. I feel like owning a cat would be better for me.

    So my question is, do you know how much extra I would probably spend owning a cat along with my dog? If any of you own both a dog and a cat please let me know how it is!
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    May 2, 2014
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    When I used to have a cat in the past, I spent about $120 per month for its food because it wouldn't want to eat anything else other than one of the expensive brand of cat's food (can't remember the name).

    At the moment my family has 4 cats along with another 4 dogs and the only way to make life cheaper is by teaching them to eat what we eat :D The weather at home is quite nice so we don't really have to worry about that.

    Other than the food expenses, this is also depends on other things you need for your cats such as litter box and toys.
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    A cat is not that expensive. When I had just one I would buy a good quality sack of food from petsmart for about $16. I can't remember the brand (I switch to another one). I would also feed her half a can of wet food so I needed about 15 for the month. That would be about $7 dollars. Then there's the litter. There's a lot of variety when it comes to cat litter. Personally I like pine, corn or nut shell clumping litter. I like natural litter because it's safer, clay gets in the air and then you breath it. My cats seem to like it. I used to buy one from Arm & Hammer that was pine mixed with corn but lately I haven't found it. For the last times I've bought one that's made from crush nut shells. I like the clumping because you have to empty the entire box less often. My advice is to experiment around and get the litter that lasts the longest on you vs the one that's cheapest. I change my cats little completely like 2 times a month so 1 bag is enough for 2 refills plus to top off when the level is getting to low.

    Also I would congratulate you from getting your cat from the shelter. It's so nice to be able to give a home to an animal that might otherwise die.
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    The prices I'm about to mention are for mid-ranged products rather than the cheapest or most expensive. You can expect these prices:

    $8.00 per month on litter for one cat. Potentially far less if you buy 34 pound boxes of litter at $15 or so each. That much would last for multiple months.
    $11.00 for dry food each month, IF you buy the larger (22 pounds or so) bags for $20 to $30 each. Those can last one cat a few months.
    $30.00 or so for wet food because it's more expensive for what you get, and cats go through it quick.

    Factor in the occasional vet visit that is $50 or so when no health complications are found.

    Cats aren't too expensive, and definitely not nearly as expensive as dogs.